Personal training and Nutrition Greensborough Victoria.

Based in Greensborough Victoria. Make Organic Mind & Body your first choice for personal training, nutrition and fitness. With a brand new studio at 8, 83-87 Main Street, Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Personal training Greensborough Victoria

Welcome to Organic Mind and Body

Greensborough Victoria. 8, 83-87 Main Street, Greensborough Victoria 3088.

My name is Joseph Charbel I’m the owner and founder of Organic Mind and Body located in Greensborough Victoria. My life experiences and struggles have shown me how to deal and overcome life and health battles. After years of studying and self experimenting with fitness and nutrition I’ve found that nothing can change you unless you want to change! I strongly believe if you don’t know what it is you want to change in your life or what it is you want, you’ll never get anywhere. Having structure and routine is what will help achieve whatever goal you set out to achieve in all areas of your life!

Why choose me as your personal trainer?

Well everything I do has been proven by changing not only my own life but the life of others too. From a strong mindset to a healthy and happy lifestyle, I’ve created my own methods and fitness programs that are for everyone! I have combined my personal training, wellness coaching and nutrition knowledge to deliver a high quality service that will change your life!




Personal Training Greensborough Victoria

One of the best if not the best way to truly achieve your fitness and training goals. The programming and the sessions are all about you. In your hour training session you will not only go through your specifically designed fitness program with my guidance but will also get educated on what and why you are doing to achieve life changing results. Educating clients is important so they get an understanding of how good nutrition and training impacts everything from their mood, energy, hormones, gut health and much more!



Whether for general health or fitness purposes there is a nutrition plan that can help you achieve optimal health and fitness. Nutrition is key not only for our health and fitness but also for our inner health and to the way we look and feel. Nutrition is a very misunderstood area of life and can be overwhelming sometimes with all the information around us. Let me tell you that nothing will work for you until you understand your bodies individual basic requirements on a daily basis.


Body Transformation

Body Transformations. 12 Weeks.

Body transformations are a great way to build a foundation of knowledge to achieve your fitness goals. During the body transformation you will learn how good nutrition and training can get you in the best shape of your life. 12 weeks is almost the perfect time frame when it comes to body transformations because you will learn new habits and truly understand what it means to have a healthy lifestyle.


Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching gives clients the tools to become the best they can be emotionally, physically, mentally and much more! It allows us to identify factors in areas of our lives to make positive changes to better our overall life. Wellness is achieved in a series of steps that allow us to  take control of actions that will lead to our desired goal.

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Organic Mind & Body Personal Training Studio Greensborough Victoria

Greensborough is a suburb of Victoria closely surrounded by Bundoora, Watsonia North, Watsonia, Plenty, Montmorency, St Helena and Briar Hill. Organic Mind and Body is your perfect training facility if you live close by to any of these Victorian suburbs. Located at 8, 83-87 Main Street, Greensborough Victoria 3088.

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